Unable to add people to learning plan

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi everyone,

I have a learning plan I use for Essential Skills which is set to automatically enrol people when they join our organisation.  This has been brilliant, however suddenly it has stopped working.  I thought I would just enrol people on it, but I can find them, it say “Importing 1 of 1” and then concludes… but the people haven’t been added.

Has anyone any idea on how to fix this?  I’m probably going to have to add the new starters manually for all their essential courses (I tried doing it for one course and it worked), but would still like to be able to automate it as it was very convenient and saved me a lot of time in admin!

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

Keep safe


1 reply

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if your automation is not working as designed, I would log a ticket with support. Have you also checked that the users are not already enrolled via the personal summary screen or reports?