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  • 21 January 2022
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Hi Docebo community!  :smiley:


Is anyone else facing the issue where users are not able to exit the course windows? We haven’t launched yet but during UAT some users could not exit the window and it kept saying it’s syncing but nothing happened- screenshot attached for reference.

Wondering if this is a Docebo wide issue or something at our end?




4 replies

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@NamrataSingh - Good morning,

Can you give some more detail? So it looks like you are pulling content from somewhere external (ergo the sync component).If you are? Are there tools on the “farsite” that can be put into a debug mode to see what is going on as well?

Note that courses have a few different methods for playing learning materials in the course player...have you tried changing those up? For example - maybe play the course in a fullscreen mode?



Hey, thanks @dklinger! we’re pulling content from the Docebo Content Marketplace so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the course content. But I can try to check the course viewer settings

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Oh wait a minute…so some courses may not be truly responsive in design and is scaling BUT is not showing all of the elements in the player.

so to go down the rabbit hole…try this with a learner that reports the issue:

  • verify with a screenshot from the learner
  • impersonate the learner
  • scake the browser window (see if some elements of the windows content move off screen)
  • explain to the learner what’s goin on

i had some folks scaling content so large that elements of the player were blocking some buttons in a SCO…

I had a learning campaign with over a 1K people using Docebo Content…so I learned some nuances….

you may also want to make those course display full screen vs light box for better compatability.

Good luck with this one…let us know if you can get to the root cause…….



Thanks a lot!