Update billing address on Stripe

  • 22 November 2023
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I’m trying to setup an e-commerce integration with Stripe, but I encountered a very serious problem - hopefully I’m just doing something wrong!

We have users from all over the world, and when they want to buy a course the flow is as follows:

  • Check/update your billing information in the cart
  • Pay through Stripe
  • Course is unlocked

The problem is, if the user buys his first course and uses a billing address i.e. from Italy, Stripe will calculate Italian taxes. But if later in life, that same uses changes his billing address i.e. to Poland, the next time he buys a course Stripe will still calculate the Italian tax.

From what I understand, the very first time a payment is generated for a user, Docebo creates a new user in Stripe with billing address, but that address is never updated when users update their profile in Docebo.

Any way to solve this?

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