User Groupings in Complex Org

  • 26 May 2022
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Those of you who work within a complex organizational structure, what have you found works best for simple/smart user groups for assignments?

For example, right now in CSOD, we use Cost Centers a lot, but it’s inconsistent and people fall in/out of the groups and may not be assigned correctly.  This is not a practice we want to bring over to Docebo.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

1 reply

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@DrGWright - kind of tricky to know what’s a best approach…consider a tiered use of groups to achieve what your targets are.

For example? I do a best practice of snapshots for short term and annual windowed campaigns. I support dynamic groups only for New Hire and New Employee mapping to learning and recertification.

If you take on that approach? You will use “static” groups for your snapshots. You will use dynamic groups for your moving/roaming targets.

We literally label/code our static groups with TA-xxx.

We label/code our dynamic groups with GR-xxx.