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Validity Period & Email Notifications

  • 28 December 2022
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We ran into an issue regarding soft validity periods and notifications. We were trying to send ourselves as super admins and power users, an email notification when a soft validity date / end period was approaching for a learning plan, but found that the email notification that was sent was also sent to our users (external customers) who were enrolled in the course as the soft validity date was approaching. Is there any way to prevent the validity date emails from being sent to users and only send to power users and / or super admins? 


We would like to use the soft validity period as a trigger to notify our content team that we should review content after a year of active use for updates and changes without preventing users from accessing content while it is under review. 


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9 replies

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not really...the only way to prevent notifications from being sent is to turn off the notification. I am assuming you have 1 for PU’s, another for supers, and a 3rd for users? So you would need to turn off the user version.

Maybe you can create ‘fake’ accounts for your content team and assign a deadline to those enrolments if you still want to use the user version...if not, you can just enroll your PU’s or supers and have your notifs aligned to those roles only

@lrnlab Thank you, we actually don’t have specific email notifications turned on for this, it seems to be an automatic email generation when the validity period is approaching / hits that operates independently of the normal ‘notifications’ section we might try that other solution you suggested but i’m thinking maybe just settling on setting up an automated report with date of creation or just track those dates of creation externally. 


Thanks again for the quick reply! 

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hmmm. which email is going out? I’m not aware of any notifications that would be sent to users if not configured to do that. Could it be those that are there by default? Like this one, Digest: courses marked as outdated

@lrnlab yes we do! that’ll likely do it! thank you for the callout, I / we appreciate it a ton. we’re going to update it to just super admins and that should solve the problem. 


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sadly those cannot be configured to be sent to a specific’s all or none..this is why opted to deactivate them all together.

@lrnlab so if we set it for super admins only it will still send to users? 

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actually there are no options to set it to go to a specific set of users whether PUs, supers, users, etc. I just goes out to everyone. We turned it off a while ago so I cannot say what triggers it and who its sent to.

Checked the notification list and it looks like that one is not set to go to users...are you sure that’s the one causing you problems?


@lrnlab well not anymore i’m not lol :) i’m going to dig in further with my team and take another look. might take a bit with the new year but will respond here as soon as i have something. 

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sounds good. hope you find what you need.