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What is the best way to create office hours in Docebo? 

  • 25 January 2024
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Hello! I am looking to create office hours after a particular course is done. What is the best way to create office hours in Docebo? Best way to set up an ILT? 


Best answer by lrnlab 26 January 2024, 15:36

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Hi @ejm1210 

Could you explain a little more about what you mean by creating office hours after a particular course is done? For setting up an ILT, have you read the following Help articles?

Creating and managing ILT and VILT courses

Creating and managing ILT and VILT sessions

Enrolling Users in Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Courses

Hello @Daniel ! 

I would like to have a recurring event for users to attend if they have any questions as they go through courses. I am not sure if the best way would be to have an ILT after course completion in a learning path. Or have and ILT live separately outside of a learning path yet, can it be recurring? Hope that makes more sense! I want to use ILT as check-ins done by mentors but I am struggling with planning that.  

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This sounds like it might be a case for the Forum Widget. However, please note that this widget is always tied to a particular course.

Forum Widget

If you need a more general forum, you could consider investing in Discover Coach and Share, or look at some of the workarounds discussed in the following thread.

 Hope this helps!

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@ejm1210 Sorry, I just reread your post and realized that you are looking for a recurring live event for users to attend.

@lrnlab and @Bfarkas Do you have any ideas?

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The most straightforward was would be to create a session with multiple events so once a user enrols, they are booked in all events. This can work well with virtual classrooms as users can pop in and out as needed. You can use the Event Description to let users know the topic of the day, etc.

If you go the route of a single event in a session, you can do this as well but would need to constantly archive the user enrolment in order for them to be registered in the next session.

Now if you dont care so much about tracking, you can go the multiple sessions route and just allow your users to switch out of sessions as needed.

Thank you all for your responses!