What to learn to improve my experience with Docebo

  • 4 January 2023
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I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year! This year I am hoping to optimize functions in Docebo and customize the appearance. What would be the best thing to learn how to do that? I see a lot of amazing things you can do with CSS. Do I need to learn anything else with that? I also would love to learn how to work with APIs. Do you have any course recommendations for either of these? I am thinking of finding a course on LinkedIn Learning as that is easily accessible for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Ha, so I read this and thought to myself, there was a thread a couple months back with some solid recommendations….and then I realized it was yours too! 😀

While you can learn just CSS, it is better to understand the general structure of a website and implications of changes so that you know when not to do something even though you can do it, accessibility is my number one example of something that all too common gets stomped on when folks are just starting out to learn new skills. There are 15 ways to do a given task, and its knowing why not to do 14 of them is the biggest skill I’ve found for making changes.

I personally have found getting more comfortable with the system’s API’s to be more beneficial at least as an admin, but understand how CSS is the easier hurdle and flashier payoff.

Good luck on your journey!