Workaround for "failed" assignments?

  • 23 November 2021
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Wondering if anyone has a workaround for a scenario when a student uploads the wrong assignment. Right now our only option is to fail the student, which doesn’t sit well with our students or their managers. The “failed” designation remains on the student record for the course even after they upload the correct assignment and get a passing grade. 

I’ve just added an idea “Allow instructors to reject or send back an assignment rather than failing student” if anyone else would like to vote for this. 

Anyone can make a mistake and should be allowed to correct it before being “failed”!


3 replies

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@Holly you can do it in the Course Editor, navigate to the Reports tab, User Statistics, and the user record, there you can reset the assignment incorrectly submitted by the user.

This won’t provide you any option for adding comments or feedback nor will trigger a notification, so your enhancement idea is till worth a vote.


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Alek, I don’t see that “Reset” column in our version of Docebo. Is this something we need to turn on?

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@Holly  I'm not sure. Are you a superadmin? Maybe reach out to Docebo support and ask them to check why this option isn't available for you.