Adding GA via iFrame

  • 15 October 2021
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Can someone from Docebo poke this thread once this how to document is released?

Verbiage from Inspire Tips & Tricks Seminar:


And finally is an i-frame to a Google Data studio where we’ve built an integration that allows us to monitor what search terms customers are using in the global search. (I can hear you already - “How do I set that up?!” - Well keep checking the community in the following weeks and you’ll find out.)





8 replies

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@Adam Ballhaussen Hello Adam, any update on this guide to iFrame GA into Docebo? 

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It was mentioned at Inspire 2021 that there would be a guide relating to iframing specific aspects of Google Analytics into a Docebo page. it was said this would be released by end of October. Can anyone link to this guide? Thanks 

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@erin.brisson Hi Erin, might you have any insight into the creation of this guide? It was presented this year during this session:



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@JZenker here you go :slight_smile:


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@erin.brisson Thanks so much! This appears to be a more specific GA guide to track certain pages. Patrick mentioned a guide related to iframing GA coming out after Inspire. Will poke him on that thread, thanks!

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Hey @JZenker, you’re in luck! Our resident Docebo admin & expert @pmo shared how to report on popular search terms in Docebo Learn via Google Analytics in the following guide



Here’s a really helpful online article that walks through how to create a search console report in Data Studio. This might be a good resource for you as you explore embedding the Data Studio report directly in a Docebo page.

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Hi @JZenker I believe I wasn’t clear when I committed to that as I was referring to how to configure Google Analytics for search within the LMS. If you haven’t configured Google Analytics using the guide referenced within this thread then iframing a Google Data Studio dashboard won’t provide much value.

Have you configured your Google Analytics account for search yet? 

If you have then the guide that Adam presented will probably be your best bet for creating a Data Studio dashboard. 

If you need help with the iframe then I would suggest using this iframe generator and whatever URL you’re trying to iframe.

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@pmo Thanks so much, no worries I completely understand. You’ve provided plenty of guidance already. I’ve got GA setup but only barely, I am about to follow your above guide to get things a bit more specific and then will research data studio and the guide Adam linked. Thanks again for all the help, it’s really appreciated!