Bulk Upload Youtube Videos

  • 11 June 2024
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Is there a way to bulk upload Youtube videos to the central repository?

E.g., via api or some other automation?

The problem is that we have many videos. In the optimal case, we would be able to upload regular videos (instead of just youtube videos) and other content too in an automated way.

Right now, the upload is extremely bothersome for a tool whose goal is to automate things. I have to go through the folder structure in the central repository, create the element, then the system jumps back and I have to go through the entire folder structure again. 


Is there a way to do this? Or do you have other tips how we can do this more efficiently?


Thank you very much!

1 reply

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Hey @MichaelK,

Thanks for your question about bulk uploading YouTube videos and other content to Docebo’s central repository. Here’s a general guide on how you can achieve this using Docebo’s API.


Endpoint: POST /learn/v1/lo/batch

Using Your Own Amazon S3 File Server; Why You Need It:

Docebo’s API leverages your Amazon S3 storage for temporary file storage during the import process. This setup helps in handling large files efficiently and securely.


Steps to Set Up Amazon S3

1. Create an Amazon S3 Bucket:

  • Log into AWS Management Console.
  • Navigate to the S3 service.
  • Create a new bucket for your course files.

2. Configure Bucket Permissions:

  • Set permissions to allow Docebo API access.
  • Adjust bucket policies and ACLs as needed.

3. Generate Access Keys:

  • Go to the IAM service in AWS.
  • Create a new user or use an existing one with programmatic access.
  • Assign the AmazonS3FullAccess policy.
  • Generate and securely store the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

4. API Configuration:

  • Use the following details in your API payload:

Example Payload for API Call

"items": [
"course_id": 12345,
"course_code": "COURSE001",
"lo_code": "LO001",
"lo_name": "Introduction to Docebo",
"lo_type": "video",
"lo_filename": "intro_video.mp4",
"lo_url": "",
"lo_description": "This is an introductory video for Docebo.",
"lo_thumbnail": "thumbnail.jpg",
"lo_content": "Some content here",
"mobile_use_external_link": false,
"lo_tincan_salt": "",
"lo_oauth_client": "",
"lo_enable_oauth": false,
"lo_external_source_url": "",
"lo_track_all_activities": true,
"launch_mode": "in_line"
"options": {
"s3_key": "your-s3-key",
"s3_secret": "your-s3-secret",
"s3_region": "us-west-1",
"s3_bucket_name": "your-bucket-name",
"s3_root_folder": ".",
"unique_based_on_type": true

Important Notes

If you do not have the technical resources to manage this setup or need deeper technical guidance on the API, please contact your Customer Success Manager. They can discuss your specific scenario in more detail and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth implementation. For detailed guidance, refer to the Docebo API documentation.


S3 bucket storage can fall outside of the AWS Free Tier, so you’ll want to consider any potential costs with third-party providers as part of such an integration.


Hope this helps you get closer to a solution!