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  • 20 October 2022
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Changing Username from Email Address to Employee Number (unique identifier)

When we launched Docebo, we had configured the user accounts to reflect our email address as username. Recently, we discovered that when an employee’s domain changes on their email, Docebo recognizes the new domain as a new user. Since the email is not a true unique identifier of the employee, this was causing duplicates in our system whenever a user would switch companies in our organization. We also realized that whenever a user had a name change, their email address would also change which would also cause the system to create a new user. To correct this, we performed the following steps:


Recommendation: use your Sandbox environment for testing. 

  1. Exported our users from Docebo. Gear icon > Users > Select All > Actions > Export
  2. On the flat file, added a column in front of column A. Named this column new username.
  3. In the new username column, inserted the employee number for each employee. (Tip: if you have an HRIS file in your automation, use this file to capture the employee number). 
  4. Saved the file as a csv-UTF8 file. 
  5. Imported the file in the Users menu. Gear icon > Users > Import and Manage > Manage Users via csv.
  6. Configured the column titles as they are on the file being uploaded. (Tip: if you are updating existing users, make sure to select Update Information for existing users).
  7. Select Import



  • Found that I was able to change username field for all employees in our LMS. 
  • No duplicate accounts were created.
  • Course status was not affected. 
  • Users with duplicate accounts prior to the username change must be merged and deleted. 
  • Power User Profile Assignments were not impacted. 
  • Automation file does not need to contain the New Username column moving forward. 

5 replies

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Thanks for sharing this info! We’re also looking to change the unique identifier from the username to the employee ID number. We’re already capturing the employee ID number as its own additional field in Docebo. But it sounds like we’d need to replace the current username with the employee ID # anyway, so I’m bookmarking this post for when we make the switch.

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My pleasure @rtomchuk!

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Ah, emails always sound so good as identifiers at first don’t they? :)

Very nice write up!

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I’m definitely missing something here. I keep getting the error: Parameters username and user_id cannot be used at the same time on the same row


I know that’s because I have a column called Username (which now has EE ID) and User_ID (which is Docebo’s data) but I’m confused that the system simply can’t know how to match the new EE ID as Username if I don’t include the User_ID.


And I am getting duplicate records.

What am I missing?

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Hmmmm… this may be what I need: 


[5 mins later] Yes, it worked. What I didn’t understand from the original post was that you need to have ONLY the columns for username and newusername (which contains EE ID, per above) and then when you do the matching, you match with the fields username and new username.