Casual learner engagement using Q&A and Recent Activity widgets

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Hi everyone!

I’m seeking some ideas regarding our home page widgets.

We’re reconfiguring our home page and are featuring the Q&A widget and the Recent Activity widget at the top in order to drive casual engagement and knowledge sharing. We don’t have a lot of formal courses, but many employees share resources and we want to encourage more people to share content and ask questions. 

However, the questions that appear in the Q&A widget also appear in the Recent Activity widget that’s right beside it, so it it’s redundant. I’d love for the “Recent Activity” to omit the Q&As and only show assets that have been shared, but I don’t think that’s possible. 

If anyone has ideas for creative workarounds so that we don’t see the same questions in two side-by-side widgets, I would love to hear! Maybe instead of the Recent Activity widget, there’s another way to feature content that others have shared? Maybe there’s a whole other way to drive casual user engagement?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ruta.nanivadeakr,

Have you considered Coach & Share?

With Coach & Share you can create channels dedicated to specific topics. Within those channels people can share their own content (Knowledge, Best Practice, Articles, Videos) and comment/share/tag (other users)/like. Example: sales enablement, onboarding, product knowledge etc. 

You can leverage it as you want, depending on your use case.

The output is the creation of a “social knowledge base”, with shared questions which can be shared in order to create a common culture, users become the content creators, ability to contribute to learning assets.

Value for the admin: has an overview on who participates (recognition of talents) + topics which engage users. Evaluate people for a promotion based on skills and participation when you have a big organization.


I hope this helps :sunglasses:


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Hi @Jihane ,


Thanks for your response! We do use Coach & Share and it’s the primary way our employees engage with Docebo. I think my original post was a bit unclear, but we’re dealing with a functionality/technical issue with home page reconfiguration. We want to highlight all the new content, Q&As, and activity on the home page to encourage people to visit often. We currently have both the Q&A widget and the Recent Activity widgets on the home page, but the Q&A’s appear in both widgets. This feels redundant, and we were wondering if there’s a way to omit the Q&A’s from the Recent Activity widget. 


Thanks so much for your help!



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@ruta.nanivadeakr this is a really interesting idea that I’ve never thought of. I can see benefit to separating new content/activity from Q&As specifically. I’m not sure of a way to do this today but maybe someone in here would know how to work some magic! Have you checked the Ideas Portal to see if anyone’s shared ideas on this topic?

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@Adam Ballhaussen that would be a great option to have the ability to include or exclude certain threads, topics, etc.