Course URL best practices - for those that are slower

  • 23 February 2022
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What is the best way to avoid those wicked 403 permission errors with course links?
Is there a best practice?
We are not working with an SSO.

It wont hurt the person to be autoenrolled as well (and I know that i can use the social link to support that).

6 replies

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Hey @dklinger I grab the link but only when viewing the course from a catalogue, not after the user is enrolled as those will cause issues...The other thing to watch for when using these is that your intended audience must have access to the catalogue(s) the course appears in.

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Thank you @lrnlab 

So the urls that are probable include: (this is the social link)

@alekwo - I know you were coaching people on this elsewhere...any further advice????

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hmm I only use the first one

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I rely on the General Setting > Enrollment Options > Enable Enrollment Link for this and share that link. Does auto enroll them even if not tied to a catalog


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same as @lrnlab (who I learned about that internal view link from another one of his posts), use the first one, unless you are planning to have any person who will access the course link to be enrolled (like if it is a compliance training), then use that third link.

Second link is only useful if your entire audience is already enrolled.

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  1. ensure the course permits enrollment and is assigned to a course catalog
  2. ensure your audience has access to the course catalog
  3. share the “unenrolled” course link. Grab this from the course catalog as an unenrolled user/admin (as @lrnlab  mentioned) 
    1. Do not press the preview button from within the course as an admin; it will enroll you and show you the incorrect URL.



The correct “unenrolled” course URL will be formatted as follows:


https://[your domain]/learn/course/internal/view/elearning/[courseid]/[coursename]



https://[your domain]/learn/course/internal/view/classroom/[courseid]/[coursename]


Sharing the unenrolled learner URL provides the learner agency with whether to enroll or not when landing on the course (and for VILT will allow registration into an available session). Enrolled learners can also access the course via this URL structure with no issue, making it basically the only option to communicate URLs out to your org that doesn’t make a mess of your enrollments (which the course enrollment links do, by automatically enrolling everyone that clicks the link).


The problem:

Standard behaviour on the internet is for people to grab links from the browser address bar and share the URL. No matter what you do, if an enrolled learner is inside the course and shares the URL in their browser address bar to an unenrolled learner, that unenrolled learner will hit a 403 error. 


Fortunately, Docebo is making changes to rectify this product limitation.  Hopefully the timeline in the linked post is intact, and the significant challenges around sharing URLs and 403 errors will be a thing of the past by the end of this April.