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Docebo Group Management - Automatic Filters

  • 10 January 2022
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Hi all - I’m trying to configure groups for automatic population. Our users are synced over from Salesforce and we plan to use the “Manager” field from “User Additional Fields” to populate the groups. However, we have found that when a user leaves the company, their Salesforce profile is just deactivated and their data still remains. This is fine for historical purposes, however it doesn’t make it easy to navigate through a list of users who may no longer be on your team because they are no longer with the company.

The Ask: Is there a filter I am overlooking that can utilize the “Status” column for a user? If they are “expired” in Docebo’s terms, I want them removed from the group, or to no longer be a part of the group. 

Looking forward to what others have done to try to autopopulate groups with ONLY active users. Thanks all!


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3 replies

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Check out the following conversations. Something may inspire you.

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HI @dhall we added an “Active” additional field to profiles in order to be able to control who appears in might want to review the use of Additional Fields to help your better control your data and groups.

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Hi @lrnlab , thanks for the reply. I think this is the route we might go as it is the value that is updated in Salesforce after someone leaves.

I’m going to select your response as best answer. Thanks again!