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  • 1 September 2022
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Hi everyone, I’m Roberto Moscatelli from the Docebo Support team and I would like to share the steps to download training materials from previously uploaded into the platform.

Even if it’s not possible to download a content from the UI, you can do it via API.

This document describes what content can be downloaded and how.


What type of content can I download?


Not all content previously created/uploaded in the platform can be downloaded.

The content that you can download are:


  • XAPI

  • Videos (video uploaded or screen recording, you cannot download a “Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia” video

  • File

  • Slide converter (you will only be able to retrieve the JPG files of the presentation)

  • HTML Page


Please also note that for security measures the link is temporary, not permanent


Must conditions


To be able to download a content you must:

  • Enable the “API & SSO” app on the platform

  • Be enrolled in the course in which there is the training material


Download the content


As said before, currently it is not possible to download training materials from the platform user interface, however, it is possible to perform such operation by calling the API 

GET /learn/v1/lo/{id}/download

From the API-browser page (


Let’s see an example:



(“API & SSO” app is already enabled on the platform and our user is already enrolled in the course).


As you can see there are some training materials (all of them are “types” that can be downloaded).

The procedure is completely the same for all of the training materials.


Now move to the api-browser page at the following link:

And search for the “category” LO and the api “Get downloadable link for training materials”


The only required parameter for this call is the “ID” of the training material.

To retrieve it just go back on your platform, select your training material clicking on the hamburger menu, hover with mouse on “delete” and keep hovering until you see the “id_object” at the bottom left:



Now go back to API-browser page and insert the ID and, before launch the AP, you need to authenticate clicking on “OAUTH”::






And then you can finally click on “TRY”:



As response you will receive a link and, going to that link, you will download the content




Tips and Tricks


Progress Message


The response of this API call could result in an “in progress” message and you will not receive the link:




In this case you should wait, so it means that you need to close and click on “TRY” to launch the API call again until the “job status” will be “completed” and the download URL will be presented in the response.


Training Material in Central Repository 


In case of a training material linked to the Central Repository, you cannot take the ID_LO from the Central Repository because it will not work. You need to retrieve the ID of the Training Material directly from a course. 

As at the moment there is no expected timeline for the release of the new version of Central Repository and the download option for training materials will be absolutely taken into consideration, we suggest to follow and vote the following idea:




Tests cannot be downloaded via API.

The only way to download a test is going into the course, select the training material “test” and export as GIFT:



You can find more info in our KB article at the following link:


Download all training material from a course 


If you need to download all the training materials in a course, you can use the following API (under “Course” section in the API-browser page):

GET /learn/v1/courses/{id}/download


Inserting the ID of the course, instead of the ID_LO (in our example the “course_id” is “27”):






 After this, once the “job_status” is completed, you will receive more than one link (for every training material):




Please share any feedback and/or questions below.

17 replies

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Thank you for officially documenting this! This may be one of the most common ‘I didn’t know you could’ conversations i run into with folks regularly.

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I’m curious - are folks looking to do this because the files that were originally uploaded were lost?

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Thanks for posting @roberto.moscatelli this will surely come in handy at some point.

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I’m curious - are folks looking to do this because the files that were originally uploaded were lost?

This has been the case when i’ve done it, or mis-managed, or it was just quicker since i had this access to grab something to either test or review.

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Something I have encountered a few times especially during implementations and at times when new designers are not always familiar with the ops practices...and the like...When I had an LMS with its own private content server, this was never an issue and easy to get back to a previous version of content or download to use on different site, etc. (sandbox to production, for example).

This can also be handy when updating course content and you want to maintain the older version to maintain user history or when there is a need to access the old course content that may have been misplaced on lost on an internal server, etc.

Not that we’ll use this everyday but it’s good to know it’s an option.

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It’s definitely not an everyday tool, but used definitely multiple times over the course of the year and it’s incredibly useful/life saver when used. 

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Despite following the steps above a few times I get “Permission denied”, API/SSO is enabled and I’m enrolled on the course. Any suggestions please? 

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Despite following the steps above a few times I get “Permission denied”, API/SSO is enabled and I’m enrolled on the course. Any suggestions please? 

Are you a system super admin?

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@roberto.moscatelli having issues trying to download an xAPI package...I keep seeing “in progress:” and the link is never generated...any ideas?

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Has anyone had any success getting a link to download xAPI packages? We can get this to work with SCORM without issues but when we try it with xAPI, it continually says “in progress” although the serve code “200” insinuates it was successful...had to log a ticket on this and so far no luck

@roberto.moscatelli any ideas? Thank you.

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Thank you for these directions! I needed to download a video file that we lost and your steps were easy to follow. 

Hello @roberto.moscatelli 

I try and follow these instructions but when it comes to the authorization is required page, I get an access denied screen:

I am a super admin and I am enrolled in the course. Could the issue be that we don’t use passwords to get into Docebo but use SSO?

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This article just proved itself to be highly beneficial with working with Docebo Content / Go1 Courses. If for whatever reason you are working with content and you need to have people take the course again? You may have worked up a special workflow in the past between Go1 support and Docebo Support.


You can download a .zip file of the Go1 content (it is only a skinny SCO with descriptors/endpoints for your Docebo instance and the Go1 servers mind you - so you cant just run off with the content) so that you have folks take the course again without the need to archive enrollments - which is a BIG story by us.

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Thanks for the post. However, tried “poll” today,  It won’t work, neither with LO nor Course endpoint.Its Complete without a link though.

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Is there a way to save this post for later??  Also, can we download videos loaded as assets?

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Can I use this same process to download all training materials and transfer them to another LMS?