Driving Social Learning through Discover Coach and Share

  • 22 April 2021
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We are really trying to drive the social learning aspect of our platform.  We have had very little participation so far, and am in the process of developing a contest to award badges and items people can cash in for rewards in the shop.  


I’m interested to hear and see how others are using their coach and share platform and how you drive learner engagement.  We’ve been considering using it for scenario training for managers surrounding HR topics, where managers would be asked to record how they would respond to specific situations and then submit for review and feedback.  


4 replies

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Hey agilleland! 


In our org we have found success with reaching out directly to individuals we knew were already acting as ‘Subject matter experts’ in their team and asked them directly or worked with their managers to encourage them to share a best practise in a channel. 

Often managers can give prompts for best practises they’d like to see replicated across the team, or they can even encourage the sharing of wins.

Other ideas: ask specific individuals to post a podcast they enjoyed recently on a topic, or a book or article. 



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@agilleland some of my clients that have had a lot of success have been around starting fall and targeted with a group that you already know shares content all the time and teams that complain that information is everywhere. 

Customer Services, Support, and Sales are also good starting points :) 

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One thing that I have seen work well for customers is introducing learners to the concept of Discover, Coach & Share with some kind of time-limited and fun in-platform event that incorporates the ideas of sharing and channels.

An example might be a competition that runs for only a month for the best WFH home-office set ups where your learners share a photo of their home office to a dedicated channel and participants can win a prize. You can even create a temporary page that makes the channel easy to find, explains the steps for sharing, and explains the contest rules and prizes.

Making the barrier to entry lower with a straightforward assignment, creating urgency with a time limit, and introducing incentives can all be great ways to spur participation and get people familiar with how to share things in the platform.

Then once the competition is over, you can unpublish and archive all the content to keep the platform clutter-free!


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One way we were able to drive the Coach and Share participation was by replacing a regular training with a Coach and Share channel.

I work with a software company, and we normally have webinar style training over the course of multiple days to train different teams across the company how newly developed versions of our software products worked. 

We ended up having a smaller team replace their long webinar style training with a Coach and Share channel.  They used the screen recorder in Docebo to create short how to videos that covered specific features or topics and put them up in their channel.   Since the channel replaced a regular training that was needed by many different teams across the company for them to do their jobs, it has helped to drive the interaction and participation in the channel.