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  • 16 July 2021
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Long story short, we offer scholarships for our ILTs. In Docebo, that will look like a coupon code that someone needs to have in-hand before they reach the payment gateway.

I am open to any and all ideas for how a person may apply for and receive a scholarship/coupon code before they hit the payment gateway in the course registration process. We’re considering a “test” within an e-learning course, or perhaps a prerequisite… Thank you for your ideas and experiences.

4 replies

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Hi @kyetter are you looking for more options than the coupons provide? Not sure I follow why someone would need to take a test to receive a that intended to be a qualifying step for you to review before deciding whether to provide them with a coupon? 

Yes. A person would receive a different code based on (1) their profession, (2) the course, or (3) a combination of the two. So, depending on who they are and what they wish to attend, they could receive one of about 8 codes. We would need to ask them a series of questions in order to assess which code they should receive and it would be ideal to use logic-based questions to automate this process. 

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Here’s a basic workflow:

  1. Student creates account.  Initial catalog available to the public is made up of the free pretests.
  2. Student takes the pretest.  Upon successfully completing the test the student becomes a member of the group which can see the catalog(s) of paid courses.
  3. Upon completing the course a webhook is sent to a service such as Integromat (my personal favorite).
  4. The Integromat workflow sends an API call back to Docebo to retrieve the student’s contact info and generates an email inviting them to apply for a scholarship.  The email will contain a link to a form for the student to fill out.
  5. Depending on what you have available to you (SharePoint, MSforms w/PowerAutomate, Kissflow, etc.), a student will fill out a form that has an approval workflow attached.  Upon approval, a webhook would be generated to Integromat.  If the coupon is user-specific, then you’d trigger the API call to Docebo to create the coupon and send it to the student. If the coupon is not user-specific, then just generate an email with the shared coupon code.

I have built some similar workflows that generate sales leads based on the completion of a pre-test, add/remove catalog visibility, and generate emails to admins when students complete various combinations of courses that could result in a certification (more complex that what Docebo does natively).

If you need assistance implementing this, please reach out through eSkillz.

Ed Lamaster
Learning Technology Strategist, AVO Training and eSkillz consultant

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@kyetter I’m thinking you could start with something simple like an Assignment object where the user can fill out the questions and then have it evaluated...The evaluator can then communicate the coupon code bac to he user via the Evaluation tool...It’s simple to set up and test...if you're OK with some manual work (and depending on your volumes)


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