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How do you handle changes to courses?

  • 16 December 2021
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I was wondering how everybody handles changes to courses that have already been published and completed by a certain number of learners. Our courses are composed of the following three elements:

  1. Videos
  2. Tests
  3. End of course survey

So far, we have avoided retroactively adding or updating videos because it can lead to a situation where learners have completed a course without actually viewing all the videos. However, I’m sure there are going to be times when we need to do this in the future. Does anyone have any good suggestions about how to make changes to a course while maintaining the integrity of the course? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!




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We’re regularly updating our courses and so far, we are following this approach:

  • we have created an additional free-text filed for courses called “Course Update History” where we add dated notes recording of all changes in a course. We make this field visible to users on the course page.
  • if updates are cosmetic (e.g. branding, new screenshots, etc.) or very minor (like editing videos, removing parts no longer relevant, etc.) and don’t have actual influence on the knowledge, we simply replace the content.
  • if the updates are more significant, but still and not changing the course completely (e.g. adding a video about a new product feature), we are adding new content and sending an email (from the Enrollments tab) to all people who Completed the course letting them know about the additional content which they can complete.
  • if we’re building a completely new content, we’re introducing it as a new course and as above sending an email to everyone who is enrolled in the old version letting them know that a new version is now available.

I hope this helps and also wonder what others are doing.

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If there is any update to content (not related to a technical issue), we create a whole new course. 

Then we “archive” the old course and let those who are currently enrolled in the old course know that there is an update, but they either choose to stay enrolled in the archived course or enroll in the new course. 

We put all of our content into the Central Repository, so if the user enrolls in the updated course and they had already completed (or were in progress) the old course, they only need to complete the new updated content. 

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@alekwo Many thanks for your detailed comments. That’s a great tip about sending an email from the enrollments tab!

@Annarose.Peterson Thank you for the tip about the Central Repository - it’s a great way to ensure users can skip content they’ve already completed!