How to engage experts in Discover, Coach & Share channels: Gamification and?

  • 15 June 2021
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One of the main common challenges that LMS Admins are facing when they're launching their training initiatives through an LMS is to make sure they have engaged learners.

Adoption is certainly a hot topic and the most frequently asked question is: "What can I do to see it  increasing more and more?". Gamification is definitely the answer.

You can find great insights on how to apply Gamification to your use case in this post dated May ‘21, where @Adam Ballhaussen and @SuperShaune shared great heads-up on the topic.



But let's add a level of difficulty: what if gamification becomes a crucial element when engaging the experts of one or more channels?

If you are one of those Docebo customers who opted for the Discover, Coach & Share module, you are perfectly aware that channels live thanks to experts' knowledge and moderation. That's why it is so important to make sure they are constantly active in sharing their knowledge, approving assets uploads, and keeping Q&As alive.

Gamification helps also here. Experts can meet goals to obtain badges, enter leaderboards and prove their level of interaction.

With that being said I'm curious to know if you have put in place different other initiatives to motivate your experts, or even if you have ever thought of turning your channels into real experts communities.

Can't wait to listen to your voice!

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