Idea to have an option to filter on text field in additional fields( Currently docebo gives capabilty to filter only on drop down fields). This would make reporting so much better.

  • 11 October 2021
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Reporting- Give the option to filter by text field too under additional fields and Download a report as a pdf

We have a lot of compliance reporting and it is very important for us to have an option to download the report as a pdf to prove that it was not tampered.

Secondly when creating custom reports, only drop down additional field can be used as a filter. the text additional fields are equally important to make the report more meaningful. we come into instances that we can provide the right data because of that.



Thanks for the idea! We find this idea interesting and plan to keep it open to see if it will collect more votes.


Community members! Please vote on this idea! i think its important to have this capability and we can make it happen if we vote more on this!

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@Amna Fatima voted on yours...there are a few such ideas posted you might want to vote on as for: filter by text