Issues Noticed with Central Repository and View Mode for Training Materials

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NOTE: I was going to submit this as a ticket, but in many ways, I think it’s an issue about the system working as intended. Let me know if you think it’s really a bug though.

We get course content from a 3rd party provider. For some reason, we can only use it if we use the Standalone mode, not the Theater mode in the View Mode settings.


Recently, we switched to adding our content to the Content Repository (CLOR), which we generally do on a course by course basis. So we create our course, we upload our training material (indicating that we want to use Stand-alone mode, and then we right click on the 3 line menu and select Upload to the Central Repository.

This appears to set the View Mode back to the default setting (which is probably the way things are stored in the CLOR) which is the Theater mode.

So we have to change it again.

If we do anything else to the module, like click on Settings to make sure the module has the End Object Marker, the View Mode resets back to the default again. 

So we have to change it again.

We are starting to figure this out and we’ll make sure in the future to see this in 3 steps:

  1. Add training material and add to CLOR. (Don’t bother to update the view mode yet.)
  2. Go to Settings and select End Object Marker = Yes.
  3. Then, go to Edit and change View Mode to Stand-alone mode.

It’s annoying, but consistent. There are worse things in the world. But it’s good to understand how these things work.


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