Managing Training Material Prerequisites in ILT webinars

  • 20 July 2021
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Our organization offers several webinar courses, built in the ILT format.  The attendance is tracked through the gototraining integration; and we are using training materials as the end object marker/course completion. 

Some of the courses include 2 learning objects in the training material - a test and a course evaluation survey.  We are having an issue with some participants only completing the course evaluation survey, and then the whole course is marked complete without them having taken the test.   In elearning, it’s easy to set the test as a prerequisite, but that isn’t possible to my knowledge in ILT.  

Besides setting every course up as a Learning Plan with prerequisites, I am curious what strategies others might be using to ensure people complete all of the learning objects in the course?  

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6 replies

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Following as I am interested as well.  My only thought would be the Learning plan option that you listed @KCWorkWell 

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Hi all, if you want to set a sequence on your learning objects (training materials) you can do that using the options beside each object (see below)


and choosing which object needs to be completed before the see ALL objects as required before the last one, you can choose all objects on the same screen, OR to set a sequence, choose each pre-req independently so that object 1 needs to be done before object 2, and so on…

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately, the prerequisite option you described above is only available in elearning course types and not in ILT course types.  I wish it was available in ILT too!

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@KCWorkWell you are correct, my apologies for the error...there is 1 idea i found on this very topic however it is still listed as Product Owner Review...pleas vote on it:

  • DL-I-983  Ability to use prerequisites for ILT and Webinar training material
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I have had a similar requirement with regards to adding a quiz as training material within the ILT course.

I had thought about using the option to make the quiz invisible in its settings, however this is not precise enough due to only have a date option and no time. Plus, this solution only works if there is only one session and one event, and no recording is uploaded.

A typical scenario is:

  • There is more than one session/event option for a learner to choose from.
  • A person can enroll in a session, however, opt not to attend and watch the uploaded recording post the session.

Proposed solution:

  • Create a separate training course with the quiz as the training material.
  • Create a Learning Plan with the ILT and the Quiz + add the prerequisite that the ILT must be completed before the Quiz is visible.


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I know this is an old topic but we had the same issue.

What we have been doing is creating a notification in docebo that sends them an email telling them to complete the prerequisite survey/test. Within the email is a direct link to the content, which you can get by navigating to the material and getting the direct link. Unfortunately, there’s no way to force it on them and not everyone reads their emails.