Mastering the ins and outs of User Management

  • 30 September 2021
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In this Docebo Inspire 2021 session, we talked about how ECCO Shoes manages their users for their global Retail Academy learning platform. Branches, groups, and additional fields are leveraged to create unique experiences for different subsets of users. By setting up the branches by location and using additional fields for different roles in different types of stores, ECCO is able to serve up learning content that is more relevant to the specific employee in the geographic region in which they are located.


Here are some of the best practices shared in this session:

  • There’s no one way to set up Branches so consider branch structures that are fairly static and don’t require learners to be in more than one branch (Tip: use sub-branches!)
  • In addition to branches, use Groups to help you organize a more dynamic collection of individuals
  • It’s more than just having a branch structure, it’s about what the learner experiences next based on their branch
  • Additional Fields can help connect learners dynamically in groups triggering actions and visibility on a whole range of different areas in your platform

Lastly, check out these DO’S and DON’TS:

  • Don’t be afraid to rework your branches if they’re not working for you
  • Do work backwards from the learner experience to get your setup just right
  • Don’t keep unused additional fields that have no purpose or associated action
  • Do use the group description to explain why the group was created


If you have any questions,  leave them below!

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