New Learning Plans page and APIs

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I’m digging into the new Learning Plans page and APIs and was wondering if anyone else is struggling with Docebo not prioritizing “status” as a REAL attribute of a learning plan?  It’s almost like a learning plan isn’t seen as a real building block to future learning (where a completion status is key).

  • We based about 80-90% of our “learning flow” on completion of learning plans. We change dashboards based on learning plan completion (and how they fall into groups).
  • We move people in and out of learning plans routinely when adding new courses, and I need a way to find those who are still ‘incomplete’ so I can update their enrollment into the correct learning plan

It’s great to see the completion date column (on the new page), but you can’t sort, can’t filter … and the APIs seem to be the same way. APIs that list enrollments don’t have a enrollment status item.

Ideas are getting added 😁

Anybody find something new yet?

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I noticed that as well.  I love that we have access to more columns/info now on the Learning Plans page but most of them are not able to be used for sorting or filtering.  I believe they said they’d be adding more features, so hopefully those will be added soon!

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It’s a real leap forward that we’ve long been waiting for, so thank you to the Docebo Team for this latest development.

Agree with all the observations above and would love to be able to filter the Learning Plans list to see those that are used in our auto enrolment rules.