Onboarding as part of the learning path

  • 27 March 2024
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Hey everyone. We are new to Docebo and we are building all of our training from scratch. We are wondering if any of you would be willing to share an example/screenshot of what one of their learning paths looks like. Specifically when it comes to onboarding. 

We are trying to figure out if we should have a course for onboarding or not since we have an in-person onboarding.

Any tips would be helpful!

2 replies

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We primarily use Learning Plans for guiding learners on pathways. Our user page is setup with lists of assigned Learning Plans, Courses Not Started, Courses In-Progress and Completed Courses.

Power users are used for management and reporting, and they have access to reports that support them in this activity. Because not training is complete until leadership can report on it. 😉

Hope this helps.

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We use Learning Plans to assign mandatory training to new hires to satisfy compliance training.  Once they are added to the system we have groups and enrollment rules set up to automatically enroll them in the correct learning plan - We have one for most team members, one for those who manage others, and then some specific ones for regional compliance regulation differences like California.

The first course we have is also a course we created that is a short navigational video of the learning platform.  We report on these and adjust access dates as needed if we have users who are overdue.