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Ongoing Elearning Course

  • 2 March 2022
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TL;DR - I am looking for suggestions or best practices on delivering an elearning course year round with content that is regularly added to it, or direct advice not to do it this way.


We are looking at an elearning vendor whose model is to create and deliver a training once a month. These micro-learning modules are 3-5 minutes long with 4 quick-check questions at the end.

We’re considering whether we should deliver these in one course and add the training materials to them over the course of the year, or if we should make a new course every month and enroll all folks in them month to month. The tricky bit is that we will have to account for new hires as well as all current employees. New hires will always get a consolidated course with 4-5 foundational modules and then get put into the monthly sequence.

My concern with running this in one course or many courses is mainly around reporting and tracking. I think that one course is consolidated and much easier to track, but will the learners be in a perpetual state of “Complete” → we add a new module → “In Progress” → they complete: “Complete” → we add a new module? Are there any other pitfalls I’m not predicting?

Sorry if this is a repeat question/conversation, but I tried a bunch of different search terms and couldn’t find anyone else addressing this type of scenario. Thanks for the insights!


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We do this by creating a Learning Plan (which we call Continuous Learning), and then we add a new course when there’s new content. Adding a module to the course won’t “un-complete” the course, but adding a course to a Learning Plan will put it back “In Progress” - and there’s a notification available for when a course is added to a Learning Plan, which can be helpful.

To have them do the courses over time, sometimes we add the course to the learning plan, but have a pre-requisite of having completed the prior course at least 30 days before to unlock the next course. 

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Hi @willingworth we do something similar with all content in 1 course...actually at this point, when the user completes the first micro learning they would appear as being complete however when you add the 2nd piece of content, they would remain in a “completed” state. This may change when Docebo eventually introduces the notion of multiple completions for 1 course. If you're not in a rush to launch this, you might want to wait and see how that upgrade comes into the LMS.

As for creating a course for each and using a LP, that would work as well but it is more time consuming to manage. There are some interesting options the LP can provide like delaying the launch of course x, or keeping the user in an incomplete state until all courses are completed, etc., however the LP would assign all courses to the user…

I would recommend you try them both to see what works best for you. We did this and landed on the 1 course approach.

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@willingworth@lrnlab covers it well.

We have been considering trickle curriculum ALOT as of late and LPs seem to fit our story better.

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Learning plans seem the better fit for reasons mentioned already but also will help with setting up enrollments and the reporting level of progress too which you mentioned as being important. You could also have similar learning plans leveraging the same content if needed and based on user attributes assign differently to cover the different cases. Definitely the route to go. 

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@willingworth The challenge with Learning Plans is that when all modules (aka courses) are complete, the learning plan goes complete. If you want to keep the learning plan open you need to set either a “CEU” of “1”, and then add that “CEU” value to the last course of the year. So when the last course is completed, then the learning plan completes as well.

Without the CEU credit, the learning plan will go complete and stay complete, even though you have added additional courses to it. That affects your reporting as well as your learner experience.

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Wonderful thread of responses, thanks all!

I think we’ll test the LP in the meantime, but hold on for what @lrnlab suggested. :fingers_crossed: