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  • 21 October 2022
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Please share your experiences whether / how you managed this:

  1. “Nesting” a training from other external platforms (particularly from SABA LMS, but not only this). A learner starts a web-based training from a course in Docebo and always stays in Docebo (does not leave it for a different platform), but the content is being transferred from an external source (from SABA / from elsewhere) and is not stored in Docebo.
  2. If yes, will the statistics be available in Docebo, e.g. completion after watching X% of the content etc. If they are not available, are there ways to automatically import these statistics to Docebo from this external platform in order to track the learners’ activities? Maybe via xAPI (in this case the external content has to be saved as xAPI)?


You can take a look at this:

It shows the idea of taking content from an external resource and playing it in our LMS.


Docebo support said there was no such possibility and suggested to ask it here as their product team may incorporate this feature in the future.

Thank you in advance!


4 replies

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Hi @maciej.matczak 

We make external content available to consume from within Docebo using LTI. It works well and is usually quite seamless. The stats, including scores/completion status, get recorded on both Docebo and the LTI provider. It does require the source LMS to be able to act as an LTI Provider, of course. In our case the source is a Moodle-based LMS.

Hope this is of some use!


@Alan, thanks a lot!

So from the provider (if it’s possible for it to be an LTI provider) you need to get a special link, right?

And on Docebo’s side - how do you “nest” this content? As a HTML with this link or do you have to create a SCORM Training Content / package with this link?


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Hi @maciej.matczak 

No need to nest anything. In the list of training materials, LTI has its own native type:



You add an LTI material to the course and then populate the settings. There are three bits of information you need to get from the LTI Provider:  

  • Launch URL
  • Consumer key
  • Shared secret

There are some other settings as well, where you decide what user data to share and how completions are determined. 



Many thanks, I will test it!