Recipe of a simple custom page for first time e-learning users - Best practice

  • 28 May 2021
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Hello Community! 

Hope you are ready for the weekend!

Last work-related thought before leaving the laptop on the desk, I promise :fingers_crossed_tone1: … how has been you experience with launching the platform to first time e-learning users:thinking:

We might be talking about not extremely tech-savvy audiences or, more simply, learners using an LMS for the first time. 

I think custom pages can be very helpful in these situations and I really love the clean and effective result you can obtain with just a couple of widget types, like in the following example:



How do you do that? :stew: The recipe is very simple: 3x image widgets, 3x My course and learning plans widgets, a pinch of color design :traffic_light: , mix everything together and don’t forget to pre-filter the content by learning status before baking! 

This type of page will give your learners immediate, unmistakable information about where they stand in their learning journey and most likely increase your courses’ completion rate.

You are new to the custom pages concept? We got you covered! Feel free to consult the KB guide on how to build up custom pages with our platform. If you know it already and want to get inspired, have a look at the wonderful webinars given by Netflix and our own Docebo team (led by our amazing Head of Design @andreabiraghi) during our last Docebo Road to Inspire event!

And You, how did you make the experience of your learners as simple and straightforward as possible? Share your examples in the thread if you like!


:bulb:Remember, the more ideas...the merrier! :bulb: 



2 replies

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I have proposed this simple solution to several clients and all of them were very satisfied with its simplicity and effectiveness.

It’s something you can set up in 5 minutes :sunglasses:

Thanks Luisa for sharing

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We also use the same approach; however, I would like to point out one thing…

There’s one disadvantage of it and it’s the search bars / filters. If you want to look for a particular course and you don’t know whether you have already completed it or if it’s in progress, you have to use the search bar in every widget separately (unless you get it right).

It’s a bit annoying at times if you’re assigned to too many courses. Would be cool if the search bar could somehow be combined :grin: