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Showing session times in catalog

  • 24 June 2021
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I am trying to find a way to show the times the sessions are offered for the courses in the catalog so it’s easier for the users to see when the sessions are offered. I can not figure how to do this easily. Meaning, how can learners look at the catalog and see what courses/sessions are offered on particular days? 


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Hi @ndkuria you’ll want to use the Catalogue widget and select the Calendar view...This will create a widget that places colored dots on a calendar showing when offerings are available...Users can simply hover over the day to see what’s being offered and access the course directly from that spot to enroll…


Users can also choose to change the view on the catalogue to see it as a calendar:


Thank you so much. You saved me from losing my mind!  And for that, a grateful team thanks you. 

I was able to do what you suggest above, except I am not sure how to give the users the choice to change the view. Could you perhaps highlight the step to make that happen?

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HI @ndkuria the option for users is built into the standard catalogue page (assuming you have this enabled in your hamburger/pancake menu).

When users navigate to the Catalogue page there is an option at the top and to the right called in the search bar...this defaults to the Card view (+ an option to sort the results, A-Z, Z-A, etc.) but users can opt to change this to a calendar view + decide on what timeframe they’d like to see; Monthly, Weekly or an Agenda view…


Hope this helps...

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.