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  • 11 October 2021
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Hi All, 


I have a question, I have to do a quick survey within some group of employees in my organisation. I though to use Survey feature on the platform but unfortunately it’s not allowing me to track responses of particular users, can just see all responses. That’s crucial for us to be able to see answers of particular users. 


Is there any option to collect date per users on Survey? or maybe you were facing a similar problem, if so how did you handle it? 


Thanks for your answers and suggestions. 





6 replies

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We had the same issue - we have some surveys that we require users to complete and we need to know who submitted them (for CEU or other purposes where they don’t need to remain anonymous).  Our workaround was to include a field on the form where they could manually input their name or other necessary information.  I do wish there was an option on a survey to automatically pull in the user’s name/info when needed.  Maybe a checkbox to make the survey anonymous - if not selected, treat it just like a test so that it is attached to that user and you know who filled it out.

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We also use demographic fields to capture user information on the surveys since there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it out of the box with Docebo.


There appears to be a key in the browser’s local storage that could be accessed through Javascript as a JSON object that identifies the user ID:

key: cache-storage.user_cache_prefixselected-items.table-

value: {"key":"table-","value":["#####"],"options":{"priority":1},"lastAccessed":1633977257728}


In theory, if Docebo would allow Javascript to be inserted into a page, you could grab the numbers I’ve masked with ##### out of the browser’s local storage and insert them into a survey field.  I’m not sure you could do it with the built-in surveys, but you could put that value into a URL parameter for an outside survey tool (SurveyMonkey, etc.) to pre-populate a form with it.

There was rumor that Docebo would make Javascript functionality available (much like how the CSS can be edited), but that hasn’t happened yet. There’s clearly a need for it, so I’d suggest upvoting some of the Javascript suggestions people have put in the ideas portal. 

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Hi @ckujawski , how about using a Test or an Observation Checklist to capture users’ inputs - both are linked with a user.

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Hi @ckujawski , how about using a Test or an Observation Checklist to capture users’ inputs - both are linked with a user.


@alekwo I was thinking to use Observation Checklist or Test, even tried these but it didn’t work properly for me. When I set a Test it was always marked as failed - that doesn’t look good. An Observation Checklist - seems like I can’t track answers. Would you mind to provide some steps how to set this up properly as I might did something wrong. Thank you! 

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@ckujawski for the Test - you can set the passing score to 0, then it will always be marked as passed. However, I think that you can’t include any free-text questions, as then it will be waiting for grading.



Regarding checklists… that’s indeed bit more complex. They will show-up on the My Checklists page (/otj/my-checklists) - however only for the user who is assigned as an approver.

Note, that you can configure the checklist Learning Object to be immediately marked as completed on the checklist submission.


As another thought, you can provide users with an Excel or Word document with the survey, ask them to fill it in on their computers, and then use the “Assignment” object to collect their inputs.


I know that those workarounds are not perfect, but I think it’s the best you can get unless Docebo will provide an option for creating non-anonymous surveys.

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Thanks @alekwo for the above. Very useful. 

When I was testing the Test option I picked the free-text question, that’s the reason why it’s marked as failed. 

Thanks again for your help.