Thinking about Gamification a little differently

  • 25 October 2021
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Who said gamification needs to be directly associated to a single course, Learning Plan or topic? This is a slightly different way to reward learners for engaging over time...


I use a tool call Grammarly, each week I get a round up of my “performance”, most of the time I scan though it and don't pay too much attention to the trivial data I’m presented with, like words checked over time, common mistakes and a running count of how many weeks I’ve used the tool for.


Today I was presented with this:



It made me think outside of the box on how we can reward users for taking part in learning, it was interesting, unexpected and genuinely put a smile on my face!


Do you have an “out of the box” way of rewarding users for taking part in training? I’d love to hear it if so!

2 replies

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That’s awesome!!!! Reminds me of this one I got from my Fitbit a while back:


or even some of the ones that I get from my Quit Smoking app (badges for days smoke free, metrics on $$$ saved and health regained, progress towards the next milestone - I just passed 1year!!!!). 

You’re right though; these little pats on the back go a long way helping to nudge me back on track. :)


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@SuperShaune That’s an impressive feat, and this is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about! Keep ‘em coming, what other tools do we use which give us a little nudge or pat on the back?


Also congrats on the 1year smoke free :)