Using Docebo to support resource/affinity groups

  • 8 October 2021
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I’m new to Docebo, but already have a question for the community. I’d love to know how any of you have used Docebo to support resource/affinity groups in your companies, besides the obvious posting of content. We just signed with Docebo and haven’t even onboarded yet, but my DE&I group would love to know if they can use Docebo for their resource groups, or if they need to buy another platform.

I know about channels and content. I’m curious to know if we can have folks opt-in to resource groups, give them a general discussion board, create pages for them, etc.

If you have any examples of using Docebo to support resource groups in your company, I’d love to hear about it. Many, many thanks!!


2 replies

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Hi @JenWadsworth welcome to the community...yes I think Channels would be your best option here...There are lots of options to manage content and access to Channels. You provide limited access to channels using Groups (groups can be created and managed manually or automatically by using user attributes). As well, a new Channel feature called “Cohorts” allows you confine interactions within the channel to only those user who are part of the cohort group...check out the KB Article:

We use them quite extensively and have had lots of positive feedback from both users and admins

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Welcome @JenWadsworth! You can also consider setting up purpose-built pages for those groups where channels, catalogs of courses, etc. can live. There are a LOT of options you can play with to work with what you are talking about.