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  • 2 May 2021
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What video tools do you use?

Here are my favourites programmes:

1 Create studio. To make that Disney feel. I use this for everything. You can get amazing results with this

2 Toonly. If you don’t have time and need an animation in 3 mins you can get something ready

3 Crazy talk 8. For that AI look. If you want to give a bit more edge to your communications 

4 VideoScribe. Whiteboard animation. Easy to use, great for explainers 

5 Cartoon animator 4. For that project that needs maximum customization   

6 Speechlo voiceover. Great voiceover in no time. Low budget great results 


Let me know what software you are using.

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We mainly use Vyond ( for online creation and as far as the software goes, we edit all of the stuff using use Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia and Movavi