A .txt to GIFT Converter

  • 24 March 2023
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So I know it’s late on a Friday, but I have something that might be useful to the community. It isn’t perfect, but please try to break it and give feedback.

When uploading test questions to the LMS, you can do it manually, or upload a GIFT formatted .txt file.

Well, there really aren’t many GIFT formatting apps out there. Also, docebo seems to use a non moodle standard format that is very similar, but not the same. 

So I made an app. It is a static page that will give you the specs you need to follow to upload correctly. Before we start asking our SMEs who write tests to start using this format, I’d love to see what you, the community, thinks.

Here is the link:


2 replies

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thank you I’ll have to try not out.

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Sweet, nice work!