Docebo used not only for LMS

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In Getronics, we used to struggle to keep our team’s Cv up to date. Until we started using Docebo.
We now have all the workforce’s CVs ready for our customers.
What other things do you do with your LMS that was not designed for? 


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We use Docebo for promoting all of our learning and development activities, i.e. annual feedbacks, personality tests, language learning, etc. All of those are on other platforms but they can only be accessed through Docebo, so we kind of treat our LMS as a one-stop L&D tool.

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Interesting @abartunek - do you iframe content in or just use it as a bank of links?


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Interesting @abartunek - do you iframe content in or just use it as a bank of links?


For language learning, we have a dedicated page created using Custom Pages (with HTML and CSS). It simply contains all the information about what we offer with links on how to request language training.

As for the feedback tool and personality tests, these are simply links for now, although, we may test some iframes for that as well in the future depending on how it develops.

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I am still in the midst of figuring it out, but our organisation is looking to use it as a repository for documents/assets for knowledge transfer.  This project was put in place to be able to have our users learn about a topic as it relates to doing a job/role at the organisation or if they are just interested they can access it too.

We have people come and go and people change roles and sometimes we lose information - so the knowledge transfer project was ‘born’.  One place to keep knowledge/assets.  It’s the maintenance of this that I am working through the logistics of so far...

We can’t use our own Intranet because this information is used by our Member Organisations (MOs) who are a part of our federation but not a part of our Intranet. We are a global office and members are a part of the Member Organisations. This security is already in place in Docebo, so we are leveraging that, or at least trying to.

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@salvo Great topic! So, we link upu Docebo to Zendesk in which we house all of our resources for teachers and afterschool providers (using Zendesk Guide (KB) feature). It includes hundreds of games and activities that can be used in the classroom or virtually. We’ve thought about putting all of that content into Docebo but haven’t made a decision on that yet. See my post in Integrations and APIs if anyone is using Zendesk. Would love to engage in some discussion about it. 


We also have links to our policy and procedure handbooks and employee manuals. Eventually, I want to convert those from documents to Articulate RISE “courses” to digitize them. I’ve seen a couple of manuals created using RISE and they look nice and are more engaging than 100 plus page static manuals. Ah, yes, someday when I have free time -- like probably never but it’s on the to do list.:wink: