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  • 13 October 2021
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We have a scenerio: Manager fills out an evaluation.  We want the manager to submit the evaluation as a step in the course in order to complete the course.  Currently we only see the user is able to submit the documentation.  

Has anyone needed to do this? What is your tip/best practice for this?


6 replies

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@JenniferJames depends on what you mean by this a survey or a self-evaluation type? If a survey, you can add a survey learning object; if the latter you could look to leverage the Observation Checklist ( you’ll need to create one in the Observation app before you can add it to a course and assign it, etc.)

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@JenniferJames we do this with surveys like @lrnlab mentioned above. Every course (almost) in our system has a survey as one of it’s elements. We use them for evaluation but you can do all sorts of different things with them. The other option to consider may be assignments. You could attach a PDF form that they download, then the next element is an assignment where they upload the filled-out PDF.


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to add from my admin:


They want the manager to be able to add a document or screen recording or other items.

I don’t know really know what they want so I’ll investigate more. 

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Ah okay. Depends if you want that in a course or a channel. The former could be done with Power User functionality, the latter with the Coach and Share add on.

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More information that makes more sense:


They print out a form from one of our internal document controlled areas (not Docebo).

Then they grade someone in person and fill out the form.

They scan the form into their email and go to the employees profile and be able to submit the form on their behalf to complete a section of the course

The evaluator (manager) would need to load documentation for the employee or complete an evaluation of the employee through the system if possible

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Pretty sure you could accomplish what you want by using the Observation Checklist functionality. Now that those are on the mobile device too, you could do away with the printing and scanning as well. I’d suggest exploring that avenue and see if it meets your needs.