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Mangers and ITL Enrollment

  • 9 February 2023
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Hi There

We are looking at settign up a ILT with multiple sessions and events, we would like the managers to enrol there team members into specifc sessions, though on testing we seem to be only able to enrol them at the course level with admin/poweruser having to enrol into session.


Does anyone have a work around? we dont have the commerce module as nothing is chargable but we dont want individals self enrolling directly either


Best answer by lrnlab 9 February 2023, 17:06

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5 replies

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unfortunately managers cannot register their team members directly not sessions; only course enrolments...not sure why this is but it seems like a gap.

Thank you, I didnt think they could but agree, huge gap here!

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😶Easily? It is one of the boulders for us in terms of adoption of using ILTs. We can use it for historical records. But manager registration is a big story in the healthcare industry…so until that one is better? We need to hold on implementing ILTs in a bigger way.

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I guess you can say there may be some rational here whereby the manager enrols the user in a course but let’s them pick the most appropriate day/time...that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…! 😛

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here’s something you can vote up