Need to reset the gamification points? Try the Leaderboard to increase engagement.

  • 20 December 2021
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Hi all,

This month I had often following question from customers:

I would like to motivate all learners, a new learner isn’t motivated when he sees that other users have 1000 points. Can I reset the gamification points? Can I set up the visibility?

Here is what I suggest to try out for the New Year

If you create a Leaderboard and enable the time options you can select the period so that only the points obtained during this given period will be shown. It could be a nice idea to create a leaderboard for each year, so users don’t lose their points but only the new ones will be visible within the new leaderboard. In my example I’ve created a Leaderboard 2022 for the Customer Experience Team

No one will feel excluded and it will give the chance to start all together from scratch. The aim here is to increase engagement and make learning more fun.

Under Availability you can configure the visibility to select who should be involved in the leaderboard and you can even choose to keep the users anonymous it if needed. 

Let me know what you think :sunglasses:

3 replies

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That’s a very good tip. We have all our leader-boards configured for calendar years to encourage continuous learning and development.

Still, there are people (e.g. new hires in services) who have to take all product courses, so they quickly get to the top and others, who only take HR courses, have little chances to reach their ranks.

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Thank you for your message @alekwo one tip here could be to create a leaderboard for the new hires in which you include specific badges associated to onboarding courses. You can involve a user to more than 1 leaderboard.

If I am a new hire I would have 2 leaderboards:

1 - Onboarding

2 - General Leaderboard 2022

What do you think?

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@Atikah Ruslan