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  • 4 November 2022
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Going live with my daily wordle and weekly jeopardy - wish me luck!


Wordle is a completely “custom” app based on “Reactle” and our subtitles. If anyone goes this route, happy to share my python script for scanning a directory of VTT files and making a de-duplicated list of 5 letter words. It handles streaks itself. In the future I plan to tie it more deeply to the LMS - currently it runs all on its own in an iframe and changes the word at midnight each night Chicago time (our HQ). Taught myself python in 1 hour! It’s pretty easy (I do have 25 years of on-and-off coding experience).


Jeopardy is an iframe implementation of JeopardyLabs which is an awesome site and costs $20 lifetime. Highly recommended!


Art by me and freepik. I made the jeopardy players more diverse. It is hard AF to find diverse clipart. Also obviously I photoshopped my portal in there. So meta!



1 reply

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Is anyone running a cool Quizlet or Kahoot iframe implementation? Those are next for me!