August 2022: Community Check-in

  • 1 September 2022
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August 2022: Community Check-in
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In last month’s community check-in, I promised another update this month and I’m keeping my promise! I had to wait until the very last day of August, though, as there has been SO much going on, I wanted to be able to include everything! Just wait and see. Actually, yup, I’m sayin’ it, I think this may be the BEST community check-in we’ve had so far. 🙂


So, grab a drink and/or snack and let’s dive in to review all the happenings in Docebo Community in August 2022!




👋 Welcoming our new Community Moderator!

First things first! We welcomed a new face to Docebo Community back on August 8 and we couldn’t be more excited 🎉. @elliott.vickrey is the newest member of the community team and has made such an incredible impact in just the 4 short weeks they have been here. Wondering how, you ask? Check this out:

  • 84 replies
  • 4 Best Answers
  • Teaming up with @pmo to build out our Guides Library
    • already created 3 new guides (oh, and has a goal to launch at least 1 new guide a week!!)
  • Established new process for reviewing all incoming ideas daily to get them over to our product team with all necessary information as quickly as possible
  • Working on tackling all of our questions that have replies but no Best Answer to ensure they have a Best Answer marked along with any questions and conversations that do not have a reply.

Pretty unreal, right!? We are absolutely thrilled at what @elliott.vickrey has already brought to the community and we are looking so forward to what’s to come!



🆕 Expanding our Guides Library

In one month, we’ve published FIVE new guides to our growing Guides Library:



Coming in hot 🔥, the last 2 were just published today! Also, we’re shouting out @willingworth for partnering with us on his guide!!



👥 Member Count and Leaderboard

In August, we said hello to just over 259 new members which brings our total member count to 3679! In the last check-in, I was hopeful we’d be able to continue the momentum so we could hit 3500 members by this check-in and we achieved it in the second week of August when we celebrated @LorenaAndros as our 3500th member 😎. At this rate, we’ll be at 4000 members by mid-October 🍂!!!


Each week, I post our Weekly Leaderboard results (here’s the latest) where we shoutout the members of the community that made their way into a top 5 finish in the previous week. We typically see many familiar faces but there was one member that made their very first appearance in the top 5. Congrats to @Jamie at GuyKat 👏 You joined some excellent company!


Also, @lrnlab is no longer the only one at our highest rank, 🦸 Hero III as @gstager officially claimed the second spot. Congratulations! Oh and @dklinger isn’t far behind as he inched closer by ranking up to Hero II in August. 



📸 Customer Spotlight

This month we partnered with @miakernaghan from Kiehl’s Since 1851 to showcase their success story. Check it out 👇👇👇




💡​​​​​​​ Ideas 

Throughout August, we received 176 new ideas and our team is working hard to review each one. We appreciate your patience as we work through updating the status of all new ideas. 


A few friendly reminders:

  • please be sure to use the search to ensure you are not duplicating an existing idea. When you search, click on ‘View All’ and then filter on ‘Idea’ to browse through all related ideas.
Click ‘View All’
Filter on ‘Idea’
  • We HIGHLY recommend using this idea as a template (thanks @willingworth!) when submitting your ideas so we can fully understand what you are trying to achieve
  • When you submit an idea, your vote is automatically added to it. Gone are the days when you had to vote 🗳 up your own idea!



🔍 Help us Shape the Future of our Products

Our feedback discussion category, Product Research & Design, gives our teams the ability to showcase what they are working on along with proposed solutions so you have the opportunity to provide us with your valuable feedback.


There are currently 3 posts still open so be sure to check them out. We’d love to hear from you!



⚠️ If you receive an error when trying to access Ideas or the Product Research & Design category, it means you are not logged in to the community. Once successfully logged in with a registered community account, you will gain access to these areas.



📊 Community Metrics 

Here’s a month-over-month comparison of some of our key community metrics. Green is GOOD 😉


Registered Members



# of Topics


# of Replies 1988 1047
Likes Received 2423 1272
Questions Asked 164 135
Replies to Questions 904 542
% Question w/Best Answer 27% 39%
% Answered by Peer 94% 84%
# Ideas Delivered 1 3
# Votes Delivered 18 93
# Votes Added 1968 1497


As you can see, we had a great month compared to our July metrics💥. We fell short in our % Question w/Best Answer metric since last month so we highly encourage anyone who has asked a question to be sure to tag it with a Best Answer


👉 Tip: Please be sure to select ‘Conversation’ if you are looking for best practices, experiences and/ or opinions etc. The post may still be a question but if you know that there can be multiple answers, then the post type is likely ‘Conversation’ rather than ‘Question’. 



🔥 Trending Posts

Here are some of the most recent trending posts.



💬 Posts Waiting for Reply



🤓 Tips & Tricks

Here are some handy tips & tricks that you may find useful. Go have a look!



📆 Inspire 2022 Virtual Conference

This past month we announced the upcoming Docebo Inspire Virtual Conference!


Recently, we announced our keynote session with Jaime Casap, former Chief Education Evangelist at Google. His session will be on Tuesday, October 18 at 9:30am (check out Day 1 Agenda) and, in it, he’ll explore skill development, the future of work, the power and potential of technology in the pursuit of education, and the importance of creating a culture of continuous innovation and learning. You won’t want to miss this!



⬆⬆ Visit the events page for the link to register and be sure to let us know you plan to attend.




We’ve got some holidays coming up and a reminder about the changes coming in September to the release schedule.


Also, stay tuned to our Events page for the OD versions of our latest webinars, including DU Live.


For those of you that made it all the way to the end, thank you for sticking with me. It was worth it, right? We are grateful to each and every one of you because this community wouldn't be what it is without all of you. Thank you so much for continuing to make this community the best it can be 💙.


Any questions/comments/suggestions/feedback are welcome below.


Here’s to another great month! Until next time…I leave you with this gif from my all-time favourite show, Friends, in honor of football season starting soon 🏈



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Love this mix of update, reminders, and tips!

This place just keeps growing and getting better.

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This place just keeps growing and getting better.

That’s the idea! Thank you for all your contributions to make the Community a great and friendly place!