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Thanks in advance for reading! In my seat, I am responsible to find ways to add value to our learners/users. I love when I come across really interesting online content, and love it even more if it’s free (thank you, YouTube!).  Mostly from afar, I’ve been a fan of Coursera.  There’s a lot of quick-hit training that I would like to offer through my Education Department.  Has anyone been successful with integrating Coursera (or a similar) entity into Docebo?  Perhaps it’s not possible.  Or perhaps I need to go down a procurement route internally… 

Figured I’d post here in Water Cooler talk with all of my new colleagues!

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Hi @Drew_ABM

Welcome to the community!

It looks like you are trying to find some free resources, but in case you do go down the procurement route, you might want to give the Docebo Content Marketplace a peek. We use it and it has a lot of really cool courses.  On the plus side the Marketplace integrates seamlessly with Docebo, so you or anyone else in organization can browse the content marketplace and import the content from the third-party vendor directly into a Docebo course shell.   

Good luck on your search. 😁 

Wow, great recommendation! I’m not afraid to admit that I’m new to this! Not brand new to Docebo… but have some legitimate deliverables to think outside of the box.  I’m very thankful for your suggestion and will look into the Marketplace content!


Thank you!