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  • 8 September 2022
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We are currently considering Docebo to meet our external training needs - training our customers on how to use our platform. We are considering Flow and possibly Extended Enterprise. 


A big concern for us is the MAUs & overage charges. How do you determine how many licenses you need and how do you avoid overages? Understandably not everyone will be in there at the same time, but it’s so hard to gauge how many will. For that reason, we would of course start with less licenses, but then how do we avoid overages? 


I’m very interested to hear other experiences and, specifically, what controls &/or processes you have put in place in regards to customer training, MAU, and overage fees.


Thank you!


2 replies

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We had the same dilemma. We agreed with the customer to have six months trial and then only bill for the average for the following months. Customer enrolment and launch are not always in your control, so you never know how they will roll out the training. Once you have the data, you can make a more informed decision. 

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@jkauffeld, not sure if this idea helps you, but the way we deal with overages internally is to only release to certain groups. Could you stagger-release so that this month half of your customers are accessing it heavily, but next month the other half is?

The other thing to do is negotiate into your contract a 3-month review where you can up your licenses and not pay overage fees for the first three months unless they exceeded your new licensing amount.