Docebo Community Check-In – Monday, May 17th 2021

  • 17 May 2021
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 Hi everyone, happy Monday! 🎉


It’s time for another Docebo Community check-in. This week, I’ll start by sharing some exciting news… (in case you haven’t already seen)


🚀 We have lift-off!

The community is now fully live and public. We hope to see many new faces around here in the coming weeks! If you have friends or colleagues who have yet to join the community, please invite them! Anyone can now register for access to Docebo Community by going to To all of our new members, welcome! Please don’t be a stranger. I encourage you to introduce yourself over on our Introduce Yourself thread.




Now let’s look back at the incredible past two weeks in the community.


4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ We surpassed 400 members!

Remember just over two weeks ago when we celebrated passing 100 members? Well, that’s now officially very old news. You all joined so quickly that we missed the opportunity to celebrate some of our milestone members! Here are our 400th, 300th, and 200th members:

  • 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @rncoley
  • 3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @bportnoy 
  • 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ @SankarV 

Sometimes it’s all about being at the right place at the right time. Thank you all for joining! There is a good chance that by the time you read this post we will have already rounded the halfway point to 1,000 members.


✅ Questions & Answers

We’ve seen some excellent questions asked in the community. And better yet, we’ve seen some excellent answers shared! Here’s the Q&A activity we’ve seen over the past two weeks:

  • 40 questions asked
  • 19 questions answered
  • 0 questions with no replies

These numbers are great! It shows that people are finding answers in the community. Please make sure to mark best answers to your questions so that we can know when you’ve found the answer you were looking for!


🏆  Leveling up

Have you checked out the leaderboard recently? I am so impressed by how much you all have been able to accomplish in less than one month! A big shoutout to @Stephanie Dreiling and @abartunek for both making it to the Helper I rank. And congratulations to the top 5 members on last week’s leaderboard!

  1. @Stephanie Dreiling
  2. @Swatson
  3. @abartunek
  4. @shelbysueschaefer
  5. @Cindy McElhinney


🌱 Newcomers no more

I have to mention both @JeanetteMcVeigh and @LMSica who have already made it to the Novice III rank after only being active in the community for two weeks! They didn’t let the two-week headstart other early adopters had get in the way, as Jeanette is currently #9 and Jessica is #12 on the All Time leaderboard! 💥

Thank you both for being so active 🙂


📊📈Show me the stats


Docebo Community Performance Overview
Time Period: 4.30.2021 - 5.16.2021
Total users invited 1,035
Total new users registered 396
Registration rate 38%
Total contributions (posts + replies) 505
% users with at least 1 contribution 19.6%
# of positive content helpfulness votes 41
# of likes given/received 1,390
# of questions asked 40
# of questions answered 19 (47.5%)
% of questions answered by peer (vs. moderator) 72.73%
Average response time 19h 11m


Here are a few of my thoughts on these numbers:

  • The 38% registration rate is good, but not great. As expected, we’ve seen registration rates drop as we’ve invited more members to the community. We will start to track our registration rate differently moving forward since the community is now public and we no longer formally “invite” members.
  • 19.6% of users with at least 1 contribution is excellent! I would love to see this number hover around 20% moving forward, but we anticipate it might also drop as we add more members to the community.
  • We are aiming to maintain a 24 hour response time for all posts in the community. It’s great to see that we’re currently well under that at 19h 11m. We want to improve on our goal to ensure every post receives at least one reply within one week. So with that said, please check out the next section and help out your fellow community members! ⬇️


💬  Help others

Here are a few posts that have yet to receive any replies. Please jump in and share your thoughts on one of these posts!


⭐️ Most popular posts

Here are a few posts that had the most interaction over the past two weeks


📣  We want to hear from you

Docebo’s very own @HawleyKane and @AmyE both recently shared surveys in the community hoping to hear from all of you. If you use ILT courses and/or Extended Enterprise, please take a few minutes to share your feedback!


📅 Save the date!

Docebo’s May 2021 release is right around the corner. Let us know if you plan to attend our release readiness webinar! Registration information for the webinar will be shared later this week.


Thank you all for making this community a better place!

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Happy to be here toshare and learn!!!

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@Adam Ballhaussen. Thank you for the shout-out and for sharing the community stats! I found this to be very interesting! I also really like how you included the posts that still need to be responded to :grinning: