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Enrollment statuses being updated?

  • 12 January 2022
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It seems that Subscribed is still being used under My Activities → Courses, however, when looking at Enrollments tab under a Course, Subscribed is now “Enrolled.” Can anyone else confirm? If it’s going to be changed, can it be changed platform wide so that some modules aren't still using Subscribed? 


Best answer by erin.brisson 17 January 2022, 17:26

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5 replies

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Perhaps I am not looking in the same place but I have the Enrolled verbage in all spaces.

Catalog too…





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Ahh - 

I discovered it.

I had to enroll a test user and make sure they didn’t do anything in the course.


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@gstager Yup, that last screenshot is what I was referring too, thanks!

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Yeah, it has been that way since we have used the platform.  A few years ago the word “Subscribe” was used in some places on the Advanced Settings of a course instead of Enroll too.

It got confusing to us because we use subscriptions into our LMS for course purchases.

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Hi everyone, while we have fixed most of the occurrences of subscribed/subscription/subscribe where it was used instead of enrolled/enrollment/enroll, there are still some minor fixes to do, as they are difficult to detect. Thank you for bringing this one to our attention. Just to let you know, we have opened the request for the fix in the My Activities area so the team is actively working on this!