FEB 20-24: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI

FEB 20-24: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI
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Here’s a look at the results from the last full week of February. Check them out along with our ICYMI section below 👇


:checkered_flag: Top 5 Leaderboard:

  Member Weekly Points







@IanMonk 🆕

5 @lrodman  102



Another top spot in the books for @lrnlab. Great job! We’re excited to welcome a member to the top 5 leaderboard for the very first time, @IanMonk. You are in excellent company! 


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week, we welcomed 55 new members. If you’ve been keeping up with these weekly posts, we’ve had over 50 new members join each week in February 🎉. We’re so close to our next member milestone, 5000. If we keep this up, we’ll hit it my mid-March. Big thanks to @JKolodner and @Christi Phillips for taking a moment to introduce themselves. Take a minute to check them out and/or post your own!


:trophy: Levelling Up

Well, it wasn’t a shutout thanks to the one member who levelled up last week.


NEW Rank  👉 Novice

@Lola Fernandez 



Congratulations @Lola Fernandez for levelling up in your first week inside Docebo Community! 





Product Updates



Who will make there way into the leaderboard and level up this week? @lrnlab and @Bfarkas are leading the pack but shoutouts to @JeanetteMcVeigh @Rosalie and @KMallette are holding strong. 


[Last week’s post: FEB 13-17]


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), if you aren’t sure what it takes to level up, check out this community post that explains points and badges

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