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Explanation of points and badges in the community

  • 30 April 2021
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@Adam Ballhaussen could you please share how do you collect badges and points in this community?


Best answer by Adam Ballhaussen 3 May 2021, 13:05

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Hi @Salvo, excellent question. I’m happy to provide more information about the types of actions you can perform to earn points and badges.


Before I share those details, it’s worth noting that we want to avoid sharing specific details about the number of points that members earn for certain actions to avoid individuals “gaming” the system and contributing to the community for the sole purpose of moving up the leaderboard.


We trust our community members and love the fact that everyone who has contributed thus far has done it solely for the sake of helping each other. That is exactly the type of behavior that we love to see in the community. Members like yourself, @Stephanie Dreiling@Cindy McElhinney@lrnlab@Swatson, and many others have all climbed to the top of the leaderboard at rates far faster than we could’ve ever anticipated simply as a byproduct of your desire to engage with the community, ask informative questions, and share helpful answers! So thank you all for that.


With all of that said, here’s some information on gamification on the community that I hope you and others find helpful:



Members earn points for the following actions (ordered by greatest to least number of points):

  • Having a reply to a question marked as the best answer
  • Creating an original post
  • Replying to a post
  • Receiving a like or vote
  • Giving a like or vote



Badges may be awarded for any number of actions or events. While many badges will be situationally driven like the Early Adopter or First Post (more to come on that soon) badges, others will be awarded based on the level and type of engagement within specific discussion categories and/or groups. Action-based badges may be awarded for:

  • A minimum number of posts
  • A minimum number of replies
  • A minimum number of answers

Note: badges do not correspond to points. They are tracked separately.



The leaderboard displays users with the most points within Docebo Community. There are two leaderboards: a Weekly leaderboard and an All time leaderboard. You will notice that as we add more members, the leaderboard on the homepage will change to display the Weekly leaderboard first. The Weekly leaderboard resets on Mondays at 12am ET. 



Ranks are achieved by completing the same types of actions that earn you points in the community but are not directly tied to points. For example, you could theoretically be at the top of the leaderboard while still being a Novice rank. We would like to avoid sharing the specific details that go into calculating ranks. This is in part to protect from members “gaming” the system, and also because the criteria for these ranks may change over time depending on the levels of engagement we see from community members in the first few months. Other than the Newcomer rank, there are three levels for every rank within the community. As of today, here are the ranks that community members can achieve:

  • Newcomer 
  • Novice
  • Contributor
  • Influencer
  • Helper
  • Guide
  • Hero

The criteria for these ranks can be safely assumed based on the names. We aim to incentivize members to start by sharing often, then move into helping others by replying and answering questions.

Note: Docebo employees will always hold the rank of Docebian so that they can be easily identified by members in the platform


Reputation Bar

The reputation bar appears next to or below a user’s avatar and represents the total number of likes that user has received on their posts & replies in the community.


It first appears on your profile once you’ve received 5 likes, then proceeds to fill until you’ve “maxed out” your reputation, which in the case of the Docebo Community is 320 likes.


This is a great way in addition to the other gamification elements of the platform to see which members are most active and most appreciated by their peers!


Thanks to @gstager for asking about this in the following post:



@Salvo what do you think? Do you have any questions or feedback about gamification within the community? There’s some great conversation about best practices for gamification started by @Swatson over in this post if you’re interested. I would love to hear your and other’s thoughts on this structure!

Hi @Adam Ballhaussen,

We are implementing gamification in our platform now and we are particularly interested in the  “weekly leaderboard” you mentioned here.

Is there an option to make the leaderboard recurring and have it updated automatically? We got that impression from your comment “The Weekly leaderboard resets on Mondays at 12am ET.”.

That would be helpful for us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Hi @Helena Silva, thanks for the question. This thread discusses how to collect points and badges inside Docebo Community (which is powered by Gainsight Customer Communities).


If you’re interested in learning more about Leaderboards for Docebo Learn, this knowledge article has a lot of great info. 


You may want to investigate Time based leaderboards. They allow you to define a validity period(set a start and end date) for your leaderboards, which might help with your use case here.

Hi @Adam Ballhaussen,

Thanks for the info. Yes, we saw the info about time-based leaderboards, but we understand they still need to be set manually.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an automated solution for recurring leaderboard updates for Docebo Learn, right?

Thanks for your suggestions though.


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You’re correct. I don’t believe there’s an automated solution for recurring leaderboard updates at this time.