Gamification regulation

  • 22 August 2022
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We are launching Gamification and I would love to get your advice on regulations.
How many points do you award? For which activities?
Do you have any regulations to share?


Thank you!!

5 replies

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Following for curiousity!

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Hi Samanta! I work with quite a few Docebo customers and there definitely is not a one size fits all approach to gamification. I also recommend starting simple and then you can add to it from there. I see a lot of basic stuff around X points everytime someone completes Y courses as a cumulative badge that users keep earning as they complete more and more courses in the system. Again, no “standard” here but I commonly see 5 or 10 points for every 5 course completions for example. 

I’ve also commonly seen 50-100 points for completion of an entire learning plan (i.e. curriculum of courses). I’ve even seen some customers try to apply video game logic to the gamification allowing users to “level up” with badges for particular topics. For example, if a user completes A, B, and C courses on Topic One, they get a “Beginning Badge for Topic One”. If they then complete D, E, and F courses that might be more difficult courses on the topic, they could earn an “Intermediate Badge for Topic One” and then if they complete G, H, I, and J courses that are expert level courses on topic they could earn a “Guru or Expert Badge for Topic One”. Again, point levels for badges increasing with the knowledge build.

You can also reward some of the social elements of the platform for people who contribute assets to coach & share or have their assets rated by their peers, etc. 

For me personally, I oftentimes find that gamification doesn’t “take off” without some type of incentive for the user which could be done through Docebo’s Reward Marketplace within gamification. Obviously you’d need a budget to fund users redeeming their coins for company merchandise, time off, or other items you might be able to offer them.

Hope this helps!

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Here’s a question as the incentive often comes up. The marketplace is great, but many businesses have regulations about ‘gifts’ and their value and a limit (usually pretty small in a year) that can be given to them within a year period. While I know some personality types will go for simply badges and recognition for top of the boards, not all do. Has anyone come up with a good non-money/good based incentive that works?

Thanks jamie.morgan

 Has anyone come up with a good non-money/good based incentive that works?

Hi we plan to use “NFT” and costum skins for playable character. The main Problem currently: “one person hat to confirm that this user will get this”. An automation could work, but this isn’t in the roadmap for Docebo.