ūüŹÜ March 2022: Week 2 Results + Reminder

  • 16 March 2022
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ūüŹÜ  March 2022: Week 2 Results + Reminder
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Here are the weekly leaderboard results from last week! Take a look at who made their way into the top 5 as well as our new member count and a shoutout to all of you who levelled up. There’s also a friendly reminder at the very end, be sure to check it out :point_down:


:checkered_flag:The top 5 from the leaderboard last week were:

  1. @Bfarkas  
  2. @dklinger    
  3. @lrnlab 
  4. @gstager         
  5. @riccardogalimberti        

Well, he did it again! @Bfarkas didn’t give up his seat in the top spot last week :first_place:. Congratulations for claiming the #1 spot for the second consecutive week! @dklinger @lrnlab and @gstager are no strangers to the top 5 leaderboard :tada:. Shoutout to fellow Docebian @riccardogalimberti for making his way into the weekly leaderboard for replying to several ideas to provide an update!


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

Last week, we said hello to 40 new members! :relaxed: While this dipped below our weekly goal of 50, it’s still an excellent number. If you are new and not sure where to start, take a look at this post that provides all the information you need to get started. 


:trophy: Leveling Up

Take a look at the 15 members who levelled up in their ranks last week. 


@acd   - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@shane  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@erm1104  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@CDoerger  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@archoll72  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I 

@SPatra  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@bevpie  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@pjensen  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice I

@Susan McKenzie  - Newcomer  :point_right: Novice II 

@jennadionn  -  Novice II  :point_right: Novice III 

@Bouben  - Contributor I  :point_right: Contributor II 

@tschoone  -  Contributor II  :point_right:  Contributor III 

@dianex.gomez  -  Contributor III  :point_right:  Influencer I 

@dklinger  -  Guide I  :point_right:  Guide II 

@gstager  -  Guide I  :point_right:  Guide II 


Way to go! :loudspeaker:@acd took their rank to the next level in their very first week in the community and @Bouben ranked up for the second consecutive week. Plus, if you’ve been following these leaderboard updates, we’ve had @willingworth on track to match @gstager’s record of ranking up for 6 consecutive weeks but it looks like @gstager is still hanging on to this record. Challenge extended, can anyone match or beat it?! 


Who will land in the top 5 this week? It could be YOU!! :point_left:


Also, just a friendly reminder to complete the community health survey by tomorrow (March 17) for your chance to WIN a $100 Amazon gift card.


TWO winners will be announced in this post on Friday (March 18)..what a great way to start the weekend! :wink: 



For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), check out this post that explains points and badges in the community!

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