MAY 15-19: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI + Birthday BINGO

MAY 15-19: 🏆 Results + 📌 ICYMI + Birthday BINGO
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It’s May and we are SO excited to celebrate Docebo Community turning TWO this month! We can’t wait to see all the completed BINGO cards which give you the chance to earn a LOT of ballots for the draw to win 1 of 3 available $150 Amazon gift cards 🗳.


We know some of you must be close to a completed card. Check out the results below to see if you can check off any more boxes!


:checkered_flag: Top 5 Leaderboard:

  Member Weekly Points

@nicolo malinverno 




@Chelsy Koshy        



5 @Daniel  90


Look at this 👀 Our very own @nicolo malinverno hit the top of the leaderboard last week as he spent some time going through your ideas! @lrnlab ended his streak but didn’t veer to far from the top, only dropping one spot. Welcome back to the top 5 @Chelsy Koshy, it’s been almost a year since you grabbed a top spot so we’re happy to see you again 😉 Congrats to @Annarose.Peterson and @Daniel for holding the last two spots last week. Way to go all 🙌


:wave: Welcome to our newest members

It was our lowest week of new joins this month but we still welcomed 47 new members! Big thanks to @chrisabernathy and @vurpip for posting their introduction. Let’s give them a warm Docebo Community welcome 💙 


:trophy: Levelling Up

Here’s a look at the 22 members who levelled up last week and can now officially check off the ‘LEVEL UP YOUR COMMUNITY RANK’ box on the Birthday BINGO card! Happy checking ❎


NEW Rank (14)     👉 Novice 👉 Contributor 👉 Influencer 👉 Helper














Contributor     @sabine.deliveroo 🏅@sfrost


Within Rank (8) I 👉 II I 👉 III








@gigi galgoczi 


Helper @Chelsy Koshy   


Great work everyone! Shoutouts to @heidi.walsh and @molly.siegel for skipping right past Novice I into Novice II. Also, @kgmeloy ranked up for the second week in a row AND our highest jumper of the week was 🏅 @sfrost, jumping 2 full ranks! 💥


 👍 Likes Given & Received 

We’re adding this section to these weekly results post in May so if your username is listed below, you can check off one of the ‘Give/Receive 5 Likes’ boxes. 


  Given Received











@Chelsy Koshy 













Product Update


News & Announcements


Water Cooler



So...who’s going to be the first to upload their completed BINGO card to this post!? There’s still time left to get in on the fun and earn your ballots for the live draw on June 2!



[Last week’s post: MAY 8-12]


For all our new members (or anyone in need of a refresher), if you aren’t sure what it takes to level up, check out this community post that explains points and badges

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