People ending up on Waitlist for e-learning courses when enrolled by a power user

  • 10 November 2021
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More of a heads up to those who are affected:

This last week we noticed there was a large number of our users being placed onto waitlists for our e-learning courses.  This was never an issue before, so we found it strange that it was happening.

Reached out about it on chat, and sounds like it is a known issue (currently affecting a small number of clients) that when a power user enrolls a user into an e-learning course, it will place the user on the waitlist, rather than making them subscribed.

We found this with enrollments that occurred between the 4th and 5th last week, but I guess it still happening?

Workaround is to turn on the permission for a power user to manage a course waitlist (Courses>Waiting Subscription).

Anyone else experiencing this?  

3 replies

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Yes we have the same issue, I have raised a ticket with support. and suggested they put it in the known issues forum.


Reply “ I would like to sincerely apologize for the delay in the response and the time it is taking to resolve the issue, however please be informed that we reported issue has been identified as a defect on the platform.
We have escalated the issue to our Senior resources and it is currently being worked by our Development team.

I understand the inconvenience caused, however I want to assure you that we are working to resolve the bug with the utmost priority .
I shall be able to provide you the next update once the issue is resolved by the team.”

As a workaround I run a report of all “waiting” learners twice a day and convert them to “subscribed”


Hope this helps,





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@Gary Jarvis Yeah, I had asked if this had been communicated somehow since I feel like this is a pretty substantial break in functionality and the person I spoke with said it had only been identified as a known issue within the last few days.

We have decided to do the same as you, rather than try and teach our 600 power users how to move their users off the waitlist, we are checking that Waitlist widget on the Admin Dashboard page daily and moving the subscriptions ourselves.

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Hello!  Apologize for the inconvenience.  We have posted this to known issues.  We are currently testing a resolution and hope to have some news on when it can be released tomorrow.